Join Us

Costs involve a basic membership of $600 for a lifetime membership that can be sold should the member decide.
Monthly fees for a single person are $25. A double membership is $40 and a family membership is just $50.
Court time charges are $8 per court-time slot of 1.5 hrs to be divided equally amongst all players using that court.
If you have a single membership and play three time a week, your typical monthly bill would be $49 which is very comparable to a health club membership.

How to Join

Please see the attached Potential Member Information sheet.

In addition, both an LCTA Membership Application and an LCTA Member Responsibility Sheet are attached below. Please fill these out and call Tom Banks at (406) 439-6938 for a walk through and for further information.

LCTA Membership Application               LCTA Member Responsibility Sheet

Membership Fees

Resident members: $600 per membership and entitles the member to full voting rights. The fee may be paid over 4 years at $150/year; however, the member will not have voting rights until the membership is paid in full.

Non-resident members: Must live more than 50 miles from Helena.  Membership fee is $300, but non-resident members do not pay monthly dues.

Monthly Dues:
Single: $25      Double: $40        Family: $50