About Us

The Last Chance Tennis Center is the three indoor tennis court facility of The Last Chance Tennis Association, a nonprofit corporation and member of the United States Tennis Association.  Located near The Helena Regional Airport with 180 active memberships and 270 playing members, our club is complete with 2 certified tennis pros who provide lessons to members as well as organizations within the community.  Our adult and junior members are well represented at local, state, regional, and national tournaments.

Our mission is the development of amateur competitive tennis, the promotion of tennis as a lifetime sport, and to participate in community outreach and coordinate and cooperate with the United States Tennis Association to accomplish these goals in Helena and the surrounding areas.

Address: 2910 Skyway Drive in Helena, Montana.

Mailing address for Last Chance Tennis Center: P.O. Box 7675, Helena, MT 59604.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hi.
    My daughter took tennis lessons with the city of Helena. She LOVES it. We would like to continue to do some tennis lessons for her.
    What do you offer for an 8 year old, 3rd grader?
    Thanks so much,
    Karla Hardie

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